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acca passcard

ACCA BPP Passcards

ACCA passcard material
ACCA passcard material

Welcome to BPP Learning Media’s ACCA Passcards for all material
– They focus on your exam and save you time.
– They incorporate diagrams to kick start your memory.
-They follow the overall structure of the BPP Learning Media’s Study Texts, but BPP Learning Media’s ACCA
Passcards are not just a condensed book.

Each card has been separately designed for clear presentation.
Topics are self-contained and can be grasped visually.
-ACCA Passcards are still just the right size for pockets, briefcases and bags.
Run through the Passcards as often as you can during your final revision period. The day before the exam, try
to go through the Passcards again! You will then be well on your way to passing your exams.

F1 BPP Passcards

F2 BPP Passcardsa

F3 BPP Passcards

F4 BPP Passcards

F5 BPP Passcards

F6 BPP Passcards

F7 BPP Passcards

F8 BPP Passcards

F9 BPP Passcards

P1 BPP Passcards

P2 BPP Passcards

P3 BPP Passcards

P4 BPP Passcards

P5 BPP Passcards

P7 BPP Passcards


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