download CFA books part 1

download CFA books

download CFA books part 1


download CFA books
download CFA books

Congratulations on your decision to enter the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®)
Program. This exciting and rewarding program of study reflects your desire to become
a serious investment professional. You are embarking on a program noted for its high
ethical standards and the breadth of knowledge, skills, and abilities it develops. Your
commitment to the CFA Program should be educationally and professionally rewarding.

The credential you seek is respected around the world as a mark of accomplish-
ment and dedication. Each level of the program represents a distinct achievement in

professional development. Successful completion of the program is rewarded with
membership in a prestigious global community of investment professionals.

CFA charterholders are dedicated to life-long learning and maintaining currency with the
ever-changing dynamics of a challenging profession. The CFA Program represents the
first step toward a career-long commitment to professional education.
The CFA examination measures your mastery of the core skills required to succeed
as an investment professional. These core skills are the basis for the Candidate Body
of Knowledge (CBOKTM). The CBOK consists of four components:

■ A broad outline that lists the major topic areas covered in the CFA Program

■ Topic area weights that indicate the relative exam weightings of the top-level
topic areas (;

■ Learning outcome statements (LOS) that advise candidates about the specific
knowledge, skills, and abilities they should acquire from readings covering a
topic area (LOS are provided in candidate study sessions and at the beginning
of each reading); and

■ The CFA Program curriculum, which contains the readings and end-of-reading
questions, that candidates receive upon exam registration.

Therefore, the key to your success on the CFA examinations is studying and under-
standing the CBOK. The following sections provide background on the CBOK, the

organization of the curriculum, and tips for developing an effective study program.


The CFA Program is grounded in the practice of the investment profession. Beginning with the Global Body of Investment Knowledge (GBIK), CFA Institute performs a continuous practice analysis with investment professionals around the world to determine the knowledge, skills, and abilities (competencies) that are relevant to the profession.

Regional expert panels and targeted surveys are conducted annually to verify and reinforce the continuous feedback from the GBIK collaborative website. The practice analysis process ultimately defines the CBOK. The CBOK reflects the competencies that are generally accepted and applied by investment professionals.

These competencies are used in practice in a generalist context and are expected to be demonstrated by a recently qualified CFA charterholder.

The Education Advisory Committee, consisting of practicing charterholders, in conjunction with CFA Institute staff, designs the CFA Program curriculum in order to deliver the CBOK to candidates.

The examinations, also written by charterholders, are designed to allow you to demonstrate your mastery of the CBOK as set forth in the CFA Program curriculum. As you structure your personal study program, you should emphasize mastery of the CBOK and the practical application of that knowl- edge. For more information on the practice analysis, CBOK, and development of the CFA Program curriculum, please visit this website

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